SSG Wing Off

What are you doing today? I will be eating wings and playing music with this guy at the Sarah Street Grill Wing Off at 1:30pm. #PorterandSayles



There are moments in life when memories, inspiration and dreams collide and it’s a beautiful thing. Tonight, I had the pleasure of going to see one of my lifetime musical influences, Melissa Etheridge in concert. I’ve seen her several times, but tonight was different. As I was leaving my house I thought of my Ovation guitar in my closet; I don’t play it out very often anymore, but I bought that guitar 17 years ago because it’s the brand Melissa Etheridge has always played. I stood and waited for her to step out of her bus before she walked around to go on stage… standing with sharpie and guitar in hand…. she gave me a look as she was walking by as if to say….”sorry, I can’t sign it right now, gotta go on stage.” I was a little disappointed but being an artist myself, I understood. Then…. Paul arrived. (a member of Melissa’s crew) Paul then took my guitar onto the tour bus and told me he would have her sign it when she got off stage. Paul delievered. Today was an awesome day.