Wedding Bliss

I’m always very honored when I’m asked to play a couple’s wedding day. As people reflect on their lives, a wedding day creates very special memories and I feel very privileged to share and help create those memories. This past weekend I am left with the memory of a beautiful day, two people finally joining together in marriage after being together 20 years, and playing in this unforgettable space. This was seriously the most classy set up I’ve ever been a part of playing a wedding. Special thanks to Nikki Perschy for sharing her pictures with me.



Going Home

I’m super excited to visit with friends and family and play a gig in Tiffin this weekend!


Sean’s Weekend

Hey did you get your tickets yet?! This is going to be a day of amazing music honoring a great cause. You can catch me solo 4:45-5:30pm and with the Christian Porter Band at 7:15pm.


Shawnee Craft Brewery

I’m looking forward to playing some great music and sampling some tasty beer this Saturday. Please join me!

regina sayles flyer


Firefly Music Festival!

The Christian Porter Band rocked the Big Break Stage at Firefly Music Festival in Delaware! I love being a member of this band :)