The Beauty of Live Performance

I love listening to music in my car; it’s the one place I can listen with no distractions. Even if I’ve heard a song ten times before, when I hear the song in my car, I’m focused on the lyrics and the story the song is trying to tell.  This morning I was tuned into 106.3 wnti (91.9) out of Centenary College in Northern New Jersey. WNTI broadcasts the z100 syndicate Elvis Duran in the morning show everyday. This morning, Elvis had John Legend as his guest. John performed All of Me and Ordinary People, just Legend, and the piano. You could tell it was early in the morning, his voice had a slight strain, it wasn’t studio perfect, and that’s what made the performance absolutely perfect. While I appreciate modern production, and all the work that goes into creating a studio album, there’s something raw, authentic and real when a vocalist sings into a dry microphone and allows their natural voice to be heard. There was an absolute stillness in Legend’s performance of Ordinary People; I will think about it years from now. Music creates nostalgia, hearing a song which you’ve shared a poignant moment with transports you back to that place. From today forward… hearing Ordinary People will carry me back to my car, fixed on the natural allure in Legend’s voice, specific to that unsurpassable moment in time.

This video doesn’t compare to the live performance in Elvis Duran’s studio this morning, but it’s still a beautiful song.